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Health teams rush to Chilli after children fall ill

14 Sep 2021

Palwal (Haryana) [India], September 14 (ANI): Health Department teams were rushed to Chilli village in the city Hathin of Palwal district on Monday after several children fell ill and deaths were reported due to high fever.

Dr. Vijay Kumar,Senior Medical Officer, Hathin said that the efforts to contain the spread of fever are in full swing.

"We got news of some cases of fever and 1-2 deaths. Taking notice of that, our health teams have come here. We are doing surveys. Medicines are being provided and an Out Patient Department (OPD) is being run. Spraying is being done. Testing for COVID-19, Dengue, Malaria has been started. We are also testing for other causes of fever. We have taken samples of 80 people who are having fever. No malaria cases have been reported. 4-5 children have died due to dengue and several children are ill," Kumar said.

Kumar added that people were being made aware of Dengue and Malaria and ways to control them. He requested people to ensure that water does not stagnate anywhere, their surroundings are clean and they wear full-sleeved clothing.

Though the actual cause of fever has not been confirmed by the health department yet, the prevalence of fever over the last few days in the village has caused fear within the residents of the village and some parents have lost their children.

"Doctors are telling that deaths are happening due to Dengue. Even my child passed away at 6 am in morning. He was seven years old. He had a fever from August 27. There are some children here who are ill, some are admitted to the hospital while some have died. There must be 30 cases of Dengue at least. No health workers, teams from the health department have visited here," said Salamuddin, a local resident on Monday.

Another local resident named Khurshid said, "At least 12 have died from dengue. Deaths are being reported since August 25. Most of the deceased are children aged 3-12 years. There are children and some adults in every house of this village who are suffering from illness. No one from the health department visited this village earlier except for a few very recent visits. Everyone in the village is terrified."Naresh, the sarpanch of the village said, "It is due to contaminated water. Fever cases are being reported for the last 15 days or so. There are no malaria cases though. During testing in government hospitals, some dengue cases have been revealed. There are no healthcare centres in this village. Health teams have come here." (ANI)

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